We are currently reconfiguring Clipskins for Pre-Trimmed offerings, and have stopped
 making the You-Trim version. 
Thus there are no Clipskins for sale currently.  We will keep you posted as things develop.

U.S. patents pending

NEW Easy-on/off Twin Tip hardware compatible with all tail-stretcher skins (G3, Black Diamond, etc.) will soon be available. 


What's so great about Clipskins?

No need to elaborate on how this can brighten your day.  

Twin-tip compatible
See the twin tip hardware above

Incredibly fast transitions
Clipskins snap on in under 10 seconds.  They rip off like normal skins, except easier.

They don't stick to everything
No more cursing on windy ridges.

No glue contamination issues
Drop 'em in dirt, pine needles or dog hair with impunity

Peeling skins apart does not require superhuman strength
Without glue you can say goodbye to the specter of shoulder strain

No more re-gluing of skins
Save your lungs and brain cells for more important pursuits.

Great grip and glide
Clipskins are optimized for grip and glide.  Uncompromised edging on steep traverses.

The adhesives used for glued skins are not something you'd want to add to your veggieburger, or the environment.

With no glue to get contaminated you can go until the plush wears through.

No more glue residue left on the bases of your skis
Don't you love it when you peel your skins off and some glue remains?

No more cold hands
You can apply and remove them without taking your gloves/mittens off.