This area is updated in an effort to keep you informed of the technical aspects of Clipskins. Please email or call
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How do the clips hold the skin on?
ix sets of lightweight stainless steel clips snap onto the skis edges, holding the skin tightly against the ski.

Do they have good edging on steep traverses?
Unlike the strapped-on skins of the past, Clipskins do not slide on the base of the ski.  Also, since the clips are so thin and profiled, they do not interfere with the edges' ability to grip.

Is there any maintenance involved?
None.  Just roll them up and forget about 'em.

Are Clipskins compatible with all skis?
No.  The ski must have standard sidewall construction.  See the order page for details.

Can Clipskins be used on twin tips?
You betcha - see the product page.

Why should I buy Clipskins when I'm happy with my normal skins? 
Don't buy Clipskins unless you need new skins.  Ask yourself if you really like tearing skins apart, skins failing, glue contamination -- the travails of glued skins -- and you may find you've already made your decision.

Can I switch skis with Clipskins?
No, unless the skis are very similar in dimensions.  This is because the clips would need to be readjusted for width, which is possible, but not advised.

Do I need to keep Clipskins warm on the descent?
With no glue to fail go ahead and zip the jacket up without skins inside.

Can I convert old glued skins to Clipskins?
No, as the clips would not adhere to the residual glue, and a new non-stretchy tail-cam would have to be attached.